Mouse-look Navigation™ - Blender v4 addon

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This Blender add-on provides better usability and customization of basic 3D view-port navigation, in particular, ZBrush type of navigation and FPS-like movement. It's an alternative to Blender's default orbit/pan/zoom/dolly/fly/walk navigation. As such, it also adds an isometric view snapping via Alt+LMB drag.

Quick video tutorial on how to use it:

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Most notable features:

  • ZBrush mode - mostly useful for tablet users, since it allows to use the same mouse button both for painting/sculpting and for navigation (depending on whether you click on geometry or in the background)
  • Easy switching between navigation modes without exiting the operator
  • Changes to view-port can be canceled from any mode
  • FPS-like movement is available in all navigation modes
  • Cross-hair is visible in all modes and has a different look when obscured
  • Option to more easily prevent accidental view-port rotation in Ortho projection
  • Different turntable/trackball algorithms and different fly modes (FPS-like)
  • Isometric viewport snapping

Upon installation, you can choose your preferred navigation via Blender or ZBrush preset or define your own under the add-on preferences

Full documentation is available here

*From the original creators of Batch Operations (Batch Tools™)

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This Blender 4.x (or older 3.6) add-on enables ZBrush and FPS-like navigation inside 3D view-port

ZBrush like navigation now in Blender


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Mouse-look Navigation™ - Blender v4 addon

267 ratings
I want this!