BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 smart data-manager add-on for Blender 3/4

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Welcome to the BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 smart data-manager

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The Blender add-on is a highly sophisticated data/scene manager/outliner. It supports both v4 and Blender v3 versions. (2.9 is also supported)

The primary purpose of this addon is to cut down micromanagement of modifiers, materials, collections and other data. Apply multiple operations (add, remove, assign, etc.) on all objects via 3D view Tab panel / Floating menu / Pie-menu or Context menu. Select / outline / arrange / rename your data via file / scene / layer / visibility / text input filters on the fly and in real-time. 

Ideally suited for complex models, scenes, files, whenever you need to clean, reorganize and maintain your project

Supports: Modifiers | Materials | Collections | Cameras | Armatures | Curves | Grease Pencils | Lattices | Lights | Light probes | Meshes | Metaballs | Objects | Speakers | Surfaces | Texts...

Add, remove, assign, copy, paste, apply multiple operations at once UI: Tab panel | Floating panel | Pie menu | Context menu Simple & Advanced renaming, Live name filtering, Presets Active camera switching, Camera targets | Object track to object or empty

Full Node Editor support for shaders and materials v2 completely redesigned for Blender 2.9 - 3.x, and now Blender 4 . With future updates and new innovative features.


If are getting errors, please double-check which version are you running first before you ask for the support:

  • BatchOPS Version 1.0 - Blender 4 'Compatible version' 
  • BatchOPS Version 0.9 - Blender 3 'Legacy version'

The legacy version is currently discounted by 50%. If you are already a customer, you also get 50% off the full price. Current customers, considering this cannot be done automatically by the current Gumroad system, please contact me directly. You can do this by replying to your emailed receipt or via the website, and it will be granted immediately (1 code per user).

Full online documentation:

Documentation is currently being rewritten for Blender 4

See the Batch Ops™2  in action

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*From the original creators of Batch Operations (Batch Tools™)

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A highly sophisticated data/scene manager-outliner addon for Blender 3 and 4

Batch Operations
smart data/scene manager/outliner selections and operations
Multiple Operations on single click
Add / Remove / Assign at once on all objects based on multiple paramaters
Smart Scene Management
Fast and efficient scene optimization & management


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BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 smart data-manager add-on for Blender 3/4

139 ratings
I want this!